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Downward Spiral! November 6, 2013

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Sometimes in life we feel as if we are spiraling out of control! It’s like we have no way out, no where to go, or that we are completely helpless! We sometimes get this sense of impending doom that swirls inside us wrecklessly destroying all of our hopes and dreams. Truth is a majority of our lives rest in the hands of factors we can not control. If you truly think about it, a majority of the reasons people become depressed are because of weather, illnesses, finances, people, vehicles, and the list goes on. None of which are truly within our control! Yet everyday we continue to ride this roller coaster never knowing what the day will bring or how we will be able to face what has been thrown our way!
The fear of the unknown paralyzes us. We try to seek answers on what the future holds with horoscopes and psychics. We struggle everyday trying to control something…. anything we can.


How do you gain control back of your life? Lol. Nobody can answer that for you! Different things work for different people.

“Find out who You are and do it on Purpose”

I just absolutely love this quote! So many of us lose ourselves a long the way. We end becoming someone’s wife, mother, employee, or friend. We lose ourselves without even meaning to! Life comes at you at high speeds! There is no time to slow down and ask the most important questions in life! Who am I? I think also we lose sight of the fact its not just who you are, what you stand for, but it’s about how you decide to face each obstacle in life.
So what? The cashier at the counter was rude… maybe she can’t figure out how to make ends meet and she’s overwhelmed. Instead of making both of your days worse… smile! Leave with a friendly gesture!
Your viewpoint on everything decides your fate! Take control! I know since I have started a whole new world has opened up to me. I wake up happy and ready to let the world deal me my cards and I play them how I want! Lol. Learning a long the way when to hold them and when to fold them…
Each day I’m going to tell you each step I took and the journey it has taken me on this year! Oh! What a wild ride it has been! Lol:)



It’s that time Again! November 3, 2013

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Now that my life has become somewhat settled, I’m ready to start a New weight loss project! I lost more than 30 pounds prior and although I have gained a few pounds back I’m still on the right track! I’m going to rack my brain scouring the internet  for some new diets and weight loss tips. (If you have any please share!)
My goal weight is still 125. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and start my venture!


To be or not to be? November 1, 2013

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Oh the insanity! Funny how things change in the blink of an eye! My life has changed so much in the past 7 months I can’t even get my head to stop spinning. Not what I pictured my life to be like at all! I have a new home, new friends, new job, and a whole new routine. Everything from my “past life” is slowly diminishing. Well, everything except the pain and sadness, and I’m not real sure that ever goes away.
Do I want my old life back? Hmmm. Yes and no. 🙂 I want my old life back, but I want it to be the way it should have been to begin with! Oh but doesn’t everyone! If only we could wave a magic wand or find a genie! Right?! Lol… 
I have changed in so many ways. For once in my life I am independent and self confident. I know I have come a long way in a short amount of time. The one thing I can say is I learned that you have to constantly evolve and work on yourself as a person. Which on one hand is hard to do as a mother and working woman, but necassary. Lol. I will never be the woman I once was! I will never make the same mistakes… Lol. Not to say I won’t make new ones!
What I want out of life? Now that’s in the air. I am so happy being me right now. Taking the time to figure out what I like and what I want has been eye opening! Who would have thought I would be a girlie girl or even be that girl that is strong enough not to need a man! Not me! Lol…
My new motto for life
“Find out who you are and do it on purpose” do it daily! Experience new things! Broaden your horizons! Because you never know unless you try!


The end always comes! March 12, 2013

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So I have been MIA for a while and so much has happened in my life. I am at a cross road and I can not for the life of me choose the right path! I am ready to give up on life! And faith??? Well my faith has depleted daily! I am not going to say I am the best person alive and deserve anything! As I am not and do not! But I know that this is the straw that breaks the stack! This is what will destroy my faith and strength! Which is truly the only thing that has kept me going! Throughout Cancer! 13 SURGERIES! My faith kept me strong and kept me going! Throughout this time I knew that God had a plan! If I knew it was this I would have rolled over and died! Double whammy! The best friend and love of my life has betrayed me and walked out of my life! Which on any other day I could have walked away from strong, with my faith in hand! After all the wear from the past two years this is what rings loudly in my head! “You have bad genes” wont follow that up with the rest! “You made yourself sick!” “your fat” “your always sick it’s pathetic” “you did this to yourself” “if you wasn’t so fat” “you will never be what I want” “your a waste of space” “you wIll never amount to shit” “you will always be a fuck up” and maybe some of rhese things are true. Maybe all of them are! But if everything that one person (who has all my respect) says is true, I am a worthless waste of space!
It is so easy to start new! No problems no arguements just happiness. But new wears off and your left with the same thing you walked away from to start with!
So, there goes hope! With despair and hopelessness in my corner I argue with God! I beg for an explanation! And I will never get one! I am left with this……. Nothing…. no hope…
I have struggled, fought, begged and pleaded! I am not scared to die! I stopped being scared of that years ago! My fear is to wake up and never see or hear from the only person in my life that loves me. The only person I love! The person I live every moment of my life with! And when that fear becomes reality…. dying of a broken heart becomes so easy! You cant eat, cant sleep, and are haunted by a pain that is like no other!
So this is my confession! I took advantage of every moment I had with this person! Believeing I would always have another! I became comfortable in the fact we would always be together I neglected him. I became so wrapped up in who knows what I got fat and unattractive! I forgave him for all of his mistakes because anything he did to me was because of me! I lied to save an arguement! I lied to try and get noticed! I took what wasnt mine and I slacked here and there!
But what I never did was be unfaithful! I never meant for any lie to hurt anyone. I just didnt want to see disappointment in his eyes. I took things not mine to please him because I was layed up sick not doing my part in the household!
What I would have done differently! I would have done it all differently! And I would be the woman he wanted not the one he’s wanted to say good bye to! I know its too late. I will never have a chance to make up for my wrongs or fix what is broken!
So what options do I have! Do I face my fears and wake up every morning without this peron. Or do I just do what I should have done years ago and just give up! I knwo I am slowly becoming everything I never wanted to be! And I refuse to be that person!
It seems I am going to choose the obvious! Im done fighting! I have no more in me! I have nothing to fight for! And my fear is too great to overcome! And I will not hurt this person again nor harm this persons chances of greatness! So I will do what I needed to do a long time ago and im sorry! Im sorry for everything! Im sorry for then and now! Im sorry for the future! But just know the greatest pain is the loss of your soul!
“Your selfish”
I will not be selfish any longer! I will do what I know is best! I will ensure the happiness of all those around me! Even if I sacrifice my own! And that means preventing myself from making the mistakes I know I will make! Preventing myself from making this harder on him! Preventing myself drom disappoiting him! For good! Because his happiness means more than mine and always have!



Friday February 8, 2013

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Helllooo Friday! This week has been great! Works been busy and I accomplished a lot! I’m down 28 pounds @ 142! I can’t wait for my “man” to come home! I have missed him so much! He is leaving back out Sunday for a two week tour! Can you hear my heart breaking? Well no use crying about it! I’m going to take that time to do a 12 day challenge! For 12 days I will hit the gym everyday! No exceptions! No excuses!
Funny it seems like the more I do, the more I want to do! Its like its not enough! I feel better than I have in …. wow! 8 years when I started gaining the weight!
I have no where to go but up!


It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


Happy Hump Day! February 6, 2013

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SCALES! I don’t need no stinkin’ scales! Lol, the proof is in the pudding… or where the pudding used to be stored! Ha!
I’m in a great mood this morning! “My man” is coming home this weekend! But what’s really exciting… what he doesn’t know yet… We are going to play Wheel of Fortune on the PS3 together! Ha ha ! He will love that! Not only that but I would love to get him in the gym! He looks hot all sweatty!
Lol! Ok so I’m in a good mood and a bit ornery!
Happy Hump Day!


It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


Please comment and help me learn it all! February 5, 2013

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Let it snow let it snow! So last night the weather turned to crap and I didn’t make it to the gym 😦 Funny how the weather can spark or destroy your motivation! It can also spark a cord to over eat or worse just munch munch munch! Ahhh! Those carbs and sweets just scream out to you! Lol Food can’t talk, silly girl!
Over a month into this “lifestyle change” (come on ladies call it what it is! Diets come and go! Lifestyle change is forever) I have changed so much. Calorie intake, portion control, lower carbs, low sodium, and exercise! Now, miraculously I am seeing food in a whole new light! I don’t have any use for sweets, sodas, fatty deep fried foods, or junk! I keep saying I’m going to cheat this weekend! The weekend comes and I pass!
Problem is I don’t know everything yet! Vitamin mineral intakes and much much more! That’s where you come in! What do you watch for in labels? How much of each vitamin/minerals should we ingest? Or anything that you think is key to weight loss!


It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


My name is…. February 4, 2013

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I have been MIA, but I’m back! This past week I have done so much thinking about the “NEW ME”! I have changed my eating habits, started exercising, and I am transforming before my eyes! However! The one thing I haven’t started renovating is the inner me… lol…. I want to change some of the things I don’t like about me!


Yes! This is a start! Love it! Also since I have had my 2 year downward spiral with my health, I am convinced “Karma” exists. No my name is not Earl, but I am making a list! I am going to right my wrongs and cleanse my soul. Lol! I’ve already cleansed my colon … so why not. I have added yet one more goal to my list!
Lose weight
Get fit
Get healthy
Right my wrongs
Well, there ya have it. A whole new me ….. here I come!


It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


I gotsta keep on movin’! February 2, 2013

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Pounds are now melting off of me again. I am eating healthy, fresh foods and feeling great. I have added exercise into my plan as well!  This morning I’m down to 145.2 pounds! I have never been more excited! I am not sure how most of you feel after losing a certain amount of weight, as for me… I see a change in my body. I look at myself in a whole new light. I am so happy in my new skin! Problem is now that I see what I’m capable of my goals are changing rapidly! I feel like I can achieve anything! But I also know if I start setting goals to high and I don’t achieve them I will fail! So, this morning I vowed to take it 5 pounds at a time and work out!!!! Everything else will fall into place! My new goals are:
By Valentine’s Day weight 140 and I want to lose inches! Lol. I’m not going to set inches goals! Too easy to fail there! 



It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


My futures so bright…I gotta wear Shades! February 1, 2013

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Diet day – 30
A whole month has passed me by and I have pushed through!
This journey has been so bitter sweet! It seems with every pound I shed, I shed emotional baggage, facing mistakes and facing emotions I never knew I buried! I look at myself in a whole new light. For the first time since I gained all this weight, I have looked in the mirror and I see a girl worthy of love and respect! I see a girl who has a chance! I see a girl with a future, not a girl with only a past.
Each day I face with confidence and determination. I refuse to let anything kick me off track. I will not go back to who I was! I will spend everyday of my life improving myself and improving my life!
As for my future, I have feared it too long! I had given control of my life to someone else. I let people tell me who I was based on my past. I let people destroy my confidence, call me fat daily, and hurt me (only to blame it on my fatness). I let people convince me I am worthless.
Truth is I have a past! It does not determine my future… I DO!
Truth is I am a beautiful, smart, and caring person.
Truth is I was a fat fatty with a bleak future, but I did not deserve to be told that everyday. I deserved to have someone support me as I did them.
Truth is I am worthy! I am worthy of love, of friendship, of respect, and of a second chance at life!
Truth is I deserve a chance to be who I want to be not who you think I am!
Truth is I have sabotaged everything in my life! I am sorry for everything! Someone else didn’t make me do it! I can not blame them although they blame me. I did this to me!
When I get lonely I shop or eat! When I am lonely, scared, and depressed I shop shop shop then gorge myself. The past two years I have been all three. My BFF had decided that he didn’t need to be there for me during my struggle with cancer and the following 13 surgeries. He left me alone and told me everyday I made myself sick because I was fat! I think he was scared! I hope that’s all it was anyways!
Truth is none of my surgeries or cancer had anything to do with weight! I had to do with my weight!
Truth is whether or not I wake up tomorrow with everything I have today or I wake up and it’s all gone, I still have everything I need inside of me.
Don’t let anybody say you can not change, or that you can not lose this weight! It is never too late to change. And as hard as it may be, it will be worth it in the end!
Now my monthly totals!
weight loss total- 23.6 pounds
Arms- lost 1″
Stomach- lost 3 1/2″
Waist- lost 1 1/4″
Hips- lost 3″
Thighs- lost 2 1/2″
I wanted to be 145 by Valentine’s Day! Its may just happen! 5 pound goals are my thing now. Lol. Short goals are obtained faster and make you feel great!
Wow! 146.4! Although I look at myself and I see the new me! I notice that its not good enough! It only makes me want to work harder! Summer/shorts/skirts here I come!


It’s called a DIET because all of the other FOUR letter words were taken!


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